TU-40: Be flexible in how you set up your lab 

It’s amazing how something as simple as a turn unit will make such a difference for you in your lab. The TU-40, our turn unit, has one function – to turn the flow between your XR-9000 or XN-9100 units by 90°. But thanks to this small unit, you can now have almost any shape configuration you want. 

The TU-40 receives racks from the preceding or subsequent unit one by one, turns them by 90° in the configured direction, and transports them to the preceding or subsequent unit, depending on the direction the racks travel in on each line. With a throughput of 250 to 400 racks/hour per unit, the TU-40 can support the whole range of transportation demands. 

You can create an inner or outer L-shape, inner or outer U-shape, or even a Z-shape by using up to two TU-40 within your XR-9000/XN-9100 automation line. The TU-40 allows customisation of the XR-9000 or XN-9100 to fit your given room and space requirements. 

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