TS-10: Finding instead of searching with our ‘sample manager’ 

The TS-10 with its high processing power helps to standardise and optimise complex sample workflows. Its key competences are post-analytical and on-demand pre-analytical sorting of EDTA tubes for all kinds of criteria: storage, reflex testing, special orders, or rack optimisation. Choosing the TS-10 Up model, you can double the tube handling capacity and speed to suit higher workloads. 

Using the TS-10 for optional pre-analysis sorting of EDTA sample tubes includes rack optimisation. Sample tubes are sorted according to their order profiles to optimise the sample processing on the line and prevent bottlenecks. This becomes particularly useful with a high proportion of samples with complex order profiles. 

In most cases, the TS-10 is used for post-analysis sorting including sample tube storage. Once orders have been processed, the tubes are stored automatically or sorted for subsequent work areas. A specific example for this is the sorting of EDTA blood samples for HbA1c* or ESR* analysis. With the TS-10 in place, you can have such analyses integrated* into your XR-9000 or XN-9100 automation line for fully automated processing. 

The TS-10 is the central component of Sysmex’s BloodScience Workcell, where it serves as the main sample entry and storage unit, providing an optimised pre-sorting of racks for analyser-specific parameter profiles for both initial orders and reflex tests. In this novel laboratory automation concept for consolidated workflow automation, the TS-10 not only handles EDTA tubes for haematology testing but also citrate blood sample tubes for processing haemostasis analyses on the Sysmex CN track automation line. 

TS-10 – have your tubes handled the way you want. 

* Not available in all countries. 


Modular, scalable and flexible  

  • The tube sorter can be operated as a stand-alone device – or seamlessly integrated into an XR-9000 or XN-9100 automation line, intelligently controlled by the Extended IPU and Control Terminal CT-90. It can also be the central unit of a BloodScience Workcell, physically connecting haematology and haemostasis processing lines. 
  • Modular instrument concept with the option to double the throughput and sorting capacity of the TS-10 with the TS-10 Up. When upgrading the TS-10 to TS-10 Up, the hardware system and its size remain the same – so you are not losing your initial investment in the main unit. 
  • User-definable sorting priorities and flexible sorting/storage layout with a sizeable and flexible tube buffer area to fit your needs. 

Workflow improvement 

  • Optimised workflow in haematology routine processing through intelligent and selective sorting of bar-coded primary sample tubes
  • Liberates laboratory staff from time-intensive manual scanning and sorting tasks for the individual work places
  • Unambiguous sample storage through sorting of processed samples into the storage area
  • Increased efficiency of the EDTA tube laboratory workflow, from sample entry to sample storage
Technical Specifications

Stand-alone: TS-10 and TS-10 Up 
with ST-40/WG-40 as rack feeder unit  
and ST-41/WG-40 as rack return unit 

Optionally integrated into XR-9000 
Optionally integrated into XN-9100 

Integral part of BloodScience Workcell 

Throughput  TS-10: up to 500 samples/hour 
TS-10 Up: up to 1,000 samples/hour 
Main features
  • Intelligent tube sorter for bar-coded sample tubes 
  • User-definable sorting priorities 
  • Flexible sorting/storage layout 
  • Flexible tube buffer area for rack optimisation 
  • Integrated BT-40 module (barcode scanner) 
  • Standardised and optimised storage/sorting racks: 
    • TS-10 125-tube rack,  
    • TS-10 50-tube rack and  
    • sorting rack for Sysmex 10-tube racks available 
  • Supports the Sysmex raised bottom tube (RBT) rack for RBT samples  
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