Challenge and innovation - our history

Sysmex history started in Kobe, Japan, in 1968. With just eight employees, the company was originally called TOA Medical Electronics (a branch of the TOA Corporation). Sysmex itself was established in 1978. The company was renamed Sysmex Corporation in 1998. 

In 1980 Sysmex Europe was set up to support Sysmex’s expansion with selected distribution partners in Europe. Our listing on the stock exchange in 1995 accelerated our development as a global company. Since initiating direct sales in the UK in 1991, Sysmex has strengthened direct overseas operations by creating affiliates in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Sysmex Deutschland was founded in 1995 and is now the largest EMEA affiliate in the largest European market. Each year, additional affiliates have been added through acquisition of business partners or by creating new affiliates from scratch. We now have sub-regional headquarters with dedicated training centers in Dubai, Johannesburg and Moscow. This strengthens the collaboration with local distributors by close networking and support.

Since its creation, Sysmex Europe has grown continuously from a small support office to a highly professional headquarters with 250 associates, supporting the operations of 20 affiliates and around 50 distributors. In the EMEA region, Sysmex products are distributed in over 100 countries. Some of our colleagues who started at Sysmex Europe early on remember an exciting pioneer adventure. We’re trying hard to maintain a similar spirit of drive, challenge and innovation.

In 2018, Sysmex Egypt LLC was established as a subsidiary of the Sysmex Corporation. Sysmex Corporation, for over 50 years, have actively set new standards and driven innovation in Haematology and our other areas of expertise. We are now a global leader for Haematology diagnostics and service. 

Sysmex Egypt follows the regional headquarter office, META, with subregional head office in Dubai, SMEA, providing full support and business management directly to our affiliates or to our partners and distributors. 

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