Clinical Values

In the past, diagnostic capacity has always been linked to laboratory size. Now whatever the scale, you can still deliver superb quality. For better, more reliable results for patients, operators and lab owners. Of course we have solutions for the largest laboratories too.

Each XN module offers superb quality diagnostics and extensive blood count information automatically for each analysis. Differential counts deliver a highly reliable immature granulocyte count (IG). And because flagging is so sensitive, you’ll find you need far fewer smears. You can even rapidly detect and monitor critical developments and so more quickly help ICU patients, for example, by using parameter combinations of proven clinical significance.

It’s up to you

Even the smallest XN models can now offer additional applications to suit your needs. Would you like a parameter range for anaemia diagnostics? Automated body fluid analysis? Or do you need high precision platelet counts even from thrombocytopenic samples? Because you invest only in the applications you need, you can streamline your analysis and treatments. You can specialise in the areas you want. And be more cost efficient. Regardless of throughput, size or time of day.

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